The Thrive Life Story

  • 2005

    Shelf Reliance is Founded

    With a desire to help people around the world become more self-reliant and a spirit of entrepreneurial determination, Jason Budge and Steve Palmer founded Shelf Reliance and launched their first product, the Food Rotation System. With the ability to organize, store, and rotate canned goods efficiently in a compact space, the FRS soon became a national seller.

  • 2006

    Thrive Sales Begin

    After a year of extensive research and development, Shelf Reliance launched its premium food line. The innovative freeze drying and packaging process of THRIVE allows people to enjoy their favorite foods for years to come with uncompromised taste and quality. The nutrition, easy preparation, and delicious taste of THRIVE foods make them perfect for both healthy everyday meals and long-term storage.

  • 2008

    The Q is Introduced

    To add even more convenience to everyday living, Shelf Reliance launched an innovative online tool in 2008 called “the Q.” This online shopping tool ships great-tasting THRIVE foods right to your door, which means less hassle with grocery shopping! With the Q, you are able to set up a queue of THRIVE foods that can be easily managed online and delivered to your home at a pace and budget you feel comfortable with.

  • 2009

    Direct Sales Program Launched

    After building a dynamic team of leaders and revamping its core marketing strategy, Shelf Reliance launched its Home Party model in order to redistribute marketing dollars into the pockets of personal consultants who could go into homes and teach families how to be more self-reliant, prosperous, and charitable. As successful business owners, Shelf Reliance consultants are able to become self-reliant themselves by earning an income at a pace and schedule they choose.

  • 2010

    Thriving Nations™

    One of Shelf Reliance’s most exciting and rewarding accomplishment took place with the founding of its charity, Thriving Nations. Five percent of all THRIVE profits are used to empower impoverished families and communities around the world with the tools, skills, and education they need to become self-reliant so they can create a better lifestyle for themselves and generations to come.

  • 2011

    First Convention & New Corporate Headquarters

    Shelf Reliance built a new 45,000 square foot facility in American Fork, Utah, to incorporate a studio kitchen, product showroom, private conference rooms, and warehouse with state-of-the-art equipment and certified gluten-free production lines. The first Shelf Reliance annual convention was also held this year, further empowering customers, consultants, and employees to attain their own thriving lives.

  • 2012

    Worldwide Growth & Recognition

    New markets in Canada and Puerto Rico fueled exponential growth for Shelf Reliance. This was reflected in its ranking of 12th in the nation for its category on the Inc. 500/5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in the US, and its recognition from Ernst and Young as a finalist for the Entrepreneur of the Year award in the Utah Region. THRIVE Express, a line of easy-to-make soups, sides, and entrées, was also launched.

  • 2013

    Name Changed to Thrive Life

    To better accommodate the company’s growing vision of creating thriving lives all over the world, Shelf Reliance changed its name to Thrive Life. The Home Party program reached a staggering 10,000 consultants and the PATH, an interactive online training program, was created for new consultants. THRIVE launched two new lines, one of just-add-water sauce mixes and another of freeze dried herbs and seasoning blends.

  • 2014

    Tools for Cooking with Thrive

    Seeing a need for tools to help customers incorporate Thrive into their daily meals, Thrive Life launched a new recipe site full of features and tools for cooking with Thrive, as well as a Thrive Guide packed with tips and info on each product. A Taste of Thrive was launched as a Smart Start option that gives tips and recipe ideas for each product, as well as a bakery line providing easy, versatile bread and cookie mixes.

  • 2015

    The New Face of Thrive Life

    Thrive Life launched themselves into the everyday food industry with their new Snackies line, featuring freeze dried favorites in portable pouches. To prepare consultants for exponential growth as they moved into this new field of expertise, Thrive Life held their very first Leadership Academy in Seattle, WA. Finally, a new corporate logo was unveiled to fully capture the life and direction of the company. As a result, Thrive Life’s social media presence increased 800% and everyday consumption continues to rise.